As a private guitar teacher I enjoy working with students of all ages who have an interest in learning to play the guitar.  My instructional method is to interweave music theory with the specific interests of the student, so as to engage the student while also teaching them valuable skills that will expand their future musical possibilities.  For more information please contact me at:

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Banjo and organ fundraising concert for the Detroit Masonic Temple Organ Restoration with Aaron Jonah Lewis (banjo) Stephen Warner (organ) Abby Alwin (cello) and Alex Belhaj (guitar) taking place November 12 at Detroit’s Masonic Temple Complex, which contains within it many performances spaces and no less than three pipe organs. Our concert will take place at the Masonic Temple’s Cathedral Theater. All proceeds from this event will go directly toward the ongoing restoration of the rare and historic Skinner Organ Company Opus 529, which Stephen will play for the concert.