Alex Belhaj

Photo of Alex BelhajAlex Belhaj is a guitarist based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he leads his own Crescent City Quartet and Quintet in addition to playing a variety of music including Ragtime, folk and his original music.  He also worked with the James Dapogny Quartet, Paul Klinger's Easy Street Jazz Band, the Cakewalkin' Jass Band and guitarist Joe Summers before moving to New Orleans in 2015.


From 2015-2020, Alex lived in the Crescent City, where he worked with Duke Heitger, Steve Pistorius, Dr. Michael White, Orange Kellin, Tim Laughlin, Tom Fischer, David Boeddinghaus, Wendell Brunious, the Riverside Jazz Collective (which he co-led with Benny Amón and Kris Tokarski), Hal Smith's On The Levee Jazz Band, Benny Amón's New Orleans Pearls and Shotgun Jazz Band among many other great musicians and ensembles.  Alex is an outstanding interpreter of vintage Jazz guitar stylists like Johnny St. Cyr and Kid Ory's longtime sideman Bud Scott.

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