Alex Belhaj

Photo of Alex BelhajAlex Belhaj is a guitarist, singer, and composer.  Alex is especially influenced by traditional jazz, blues, and folk music.  He independently released a cd of original music in 2006, including two ensemble recordings of his tunes “Randal Song” and “Tomorrow”.  In 2009 he graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from the School of Literature, Sciences and the Arts.  Since his early 20’s he has been performing with a number of different musical groups in much of Southeast Michigan and beyond.  He has traveled in Europe, busking in many of the cities of France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland with Felix Sonnyboy Wilson.  He is currently fronting his traditional hot jazz group The Crescent City Quartet.  He has also recorded and performed with many talented musicians and ensembles including Heather Schwartz, Brad Battey, James Dapogny, The Cakewalkin' Jass Band, The New Orleans Party Asylum, Joe Summers Gypsy Jazz Trio and The Easy Street Jazz Band.  

In addition to his interest in writing and performing music, Alex has also studied music production and recording and in 2007 he received a Certificate in Music Engineering and Production from Washtenaw Community College.  He has also been deeply involved at U of M’s student/community run freeform radio station WCBN FM Ann Arbor since 2003.